Price List

CanTech Dental Services Calgary

  • Basic Clean, Oil and Test - Graduating scale ranging from $59-$149 (price depends on cleanliness of inner workings of tool)
  • Pneumatic Highspeed w/ Pushbutton Chuck - standard overhaul includes new o-rings, bearings, turbine and spindle. Clean, oil and test. $279- 6 month warranty. $379- 12 month warranty
  • Electric Highspeeds  - call for estimate (prices vary depending on model and extent of repair)
  • Lowspeed - Standard overhaul includes new bearings, inspection and replacement as needed of turbine, wide and narrow drive rings, bushings and bushing posts. Clean, oil and test.- $279
  • Slowspeeds (contra-angle handpiece or other) - Standard overhaul includes new gaskets, o-rings, and bearings. Inspection and replacement as needed of spindles and vanes. Clean, oil, and test $279
  • Nosecones - Standard overhaul includes new bearings and o-rings. Clean, oil, and test- $239
  • Scalers - Standard overhaul includes new Bearings and parts as needed. Clean, oil, and test- $239

*** Note: Prices do NOT include GST

Shipping Rates

  • 1-2 handpieces- client to pay one way of shipping
  • 3+ handpieces- shipping is FREE so bundle and save!!!

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