Handpiece Service

Handpiece Service Calgary

Highspeed or lowspeed handpieces quit working efficiently? Have they quit altogether?

This causes downtime you cannot afford in your dental practice.

Call Rocky View Handpiece Repair and indicate that your office needs emergency service to assist your dental practice to perform its services. A technician will be scheduled right away to assist you in the shortest time possible. Rocky View Handpiece Repair will also assess your immediate handpiece needs. To our regular clients we offer a loaner program. This will allow you to keep working if a few handpieces need repaired at the same time. We have handpieces ready to go at all times that can fill in while your handpieces are out of commission.

Need new? Rocky View Handpiece Repair is able to provide a quote for new if that is warranted. We sell an array of products from slowspeed accessories to many types of highspeed handpieces.

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